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Near La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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About Us
Corporate Overview: The property of Rancho La Aguja and
the development, Playas Pacificas, are wholly-owned by
La Aguja Development, S.A. de C.V., a legally-incorporated
Mexican corporation based in La Paz, BCS.
The corporation is debt-free, and holds clear, lien-free,
surveyed title to the property of Rancho La Aguja.

Corporate Address & Contacts

Playas Pacificas will provide a secure living environment, always respectful of the fragile coastal desert that is our home. One green home at a time, the Playas community will evolve, reflecting the new norms indispensable for a sustainable planet.
The Founders:
The corporation is wholly-owned by the Founders, who live on the ranch itself. After extensive travels through western Mexico in the late 1990s, they purchased Rancho la Aguja, an old-established property on the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur, with a view to establishing a permanent home.
Project Status:
After several years of semi-retirement, the idea of a development formed and starting in 2007, a four-year project of Master Planning and the obtaining of all the necessary permissions commenced. Water and power were brought to the ranch, boundary, topographical and Master Planning / lotification surveys were completed and the necessary Federal, State and Municipal approvals obtained. These permissions are now fully in place, and we are rolling!

Water storage and pump
house in place

pumphouse3.jpg (211901 bytes)
Power is installed
to the Beach

electric_power_water_well.jpg (148207 bytes)
Master plan & Lot
survey completed

ranch_overlay_1836px.jpg (3294264 bytes)

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