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The Climate
Informed Baja California Sur settlers increasingly
choose the Pacific Coast as the most viable
location for a year-round home base

It's all about the climate.
Winters on both sides of the Peninsula are
gorgeous, but Gulf (Sea of Cortez) summers
are extremely hot and humid for four months of the
year, limiting your activities. Pacific coast summers
are comfortable, tempered by ocean breezes.

Comfortable year-round living:

map of mid-pacific baja california sur, surfing Punta Conejo, 
	    surfing Punta Marquez, road to Rancho la Aguja, map of Pacific coast baja california sur

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This mid-Pacific Coast region offers a significant advantage to those seeking a home in Baja California Sur: the moderate year-round Pacific beachfront climate allows for a comfortable year-round base.

Here on the mid-Pacific coast, the Baja summers that are dreaded on the Gulf side are the most perfect time of the year: the sea is calm and warm, breezes mild and only rare tropical storms stir up the neighborhood.

Daytime summer temperatures at Playas Pacificas average 10-15F (5-7C) less than La Paz on the Sea of Cortez, winter temperatures are slightly warmer. This moderate climate translates to: no need for air-conditioners! Even small homes in summer La Paz can run up substantial monthly power bills, so savings are substantial.

coast climate:

Climate fact: Playas Pacificas receives an average of less than 10cm (less than 4") of rain per year, and over the last 6 years of climate records, averages 351 sunny days a year.

climate comparison table, moderate climate, mild baja sur summer, year-round 
	climate, no air-conditioning, Playas pacificas mild climate, moderate pacific beach climate

*Important Note "Average" temperature figures can be misleading! July-Sep daily high temps in La Paz and Cabo range to 105F/43C. At Playas Pacificas, daily averages are typically 15F (7C) below La Paz daily highs, with cooler nights (sea influence) than either La Paz or Cabo. Humidity of 70% is hugely more comfortable at a temperature of 85F/29C than 104F/40C!
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