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A Specialist Coastal Construction Partnership

Construction Environment

The very climate that makes Playas Pacificas a wonderful place to live, the sunny desert days, the fresh (and salty) Pacific breezes, should directly affect the design and building of your dream coastal home.

Done right, you will live in a beautiful custom home giving you worry-free comfort for years to come, but home design unsuited to the local microclimate, inappropriate material choices and construction flaws (that may not surface for years) could all initiate unwanted cycles of maintenance and repairs.

Playas Pacificas, with its secure storage spaces, water and three phase power (unique to this coast), offers logistics and staging advantages unmatched by La Paz-based contractors.

Playas Pacficas construction environment

Locally-based General Contractor

Playas Pacficas construction in progress

Your beach house project receives three major advantages by using the general contractor based at the actual site:

We are a single, local point of responsibility! There is no substitute for this accumulated, location-specific knowledge - the contractor has lived and built in this specific environment for 15 years. Our award-winning design partners design, and we build, houses optimized for long life and the lowest possible maintenance costs.

Real construction productivity gains result in significant savings. Warranty services are provided by the onsite contractor and no remotely-based contractor can offer a comparative level of promptness and efficiency for warranty support.