Rancho La Aguja

Peaceful Valley - Beautiful Beaches
Rancho la Aguja is an old Baja Sur ranch located in the peaceful valley of the Arroyo la Aguja, with cleared fields and wells on the valley floor.

The ranch is the parent property of the Playas Pacificas development, placed in the NW corner of the ranch on a mesa that gives residents amazing views of the surrounding plains and ocean.
Estuary at Playas Pacificas Green Valley near Playas Pacificas Cactus at Playas Pacificas

Rancho la Aguja will offer Playas residents a variety of options, from a surf school, shore and surf fishing, blue water diving and fishing, to a marina and cabana-based hotel with bar, restaurant and swimming pool - while preserving our tranquil rural environment.

Green mesa at Playas Pacificas Estuary and walkway Playas Pacificas Tidepools at Playas Pacificas