Surfing / Kiting

Glassy Mornings And Breezy Afternoons
The development features waves directly out front with many more breaks in the surrounding area. Find a glassy peak in the morning or wait for the wind to pick up in the afternoon for excellent kiting conditions.


Playas Pacificas offers many opportunities for surfers. Picking up South swells through the summer and North swells all winter, southern Baja is very consistent for waves. Playas features a fun beach break out front and a reef at the north end of the development. Additionally, Punta Conejo and Punta Marquez are just a short drive away.

Surfing at Playas Pacificas
Kite surfing at Playas Pacificas


With steady side-on winds, Rancho la Aguja and Playas offer incredible kite surfing conditions with zero crowds - sandy launches, epic downwinders and a mix of sandbars and reefs that offer great riding for all levels. Kiting conditions happen all year round but are the most consistent March - June. You can expect 9 - 12m kiting conditions - bring your wave-friendly directional! Many other breaks are a short drive away.

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